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One of the scariest things that can happen when you’re on the road is locking yourself out of your vehicle. Even with all of today’s safety features, it is still quite possible and common to lock yourself out of your car and not have a way to get back in. The best way to get back in your vehicle after a lockout safely and securely is to call for a professional towing company that offers lockout services like us here at Delray Beach 24/7 Towing. 

It’s essential to understand the risks of a lockout and what to do if you find yourself in a situation where you can’t get back in your vehicle. Because some circumstances are different from others, following the upcoming tips will ensure that you can get back on the road as quickly and safely as possible. 

What to do About a Lockout 

There are a few reasons you might experience a lockout, and knowing what to do in each situation can save you a headache and a ton of aggravation. Here are some tips to help if you find yourself locked out. It’s important to note that calling a professional is always advised when you find yourself locked out. 

Determine the Nature of Your Lockout 

Most of the time, when we think of being locked out of the vehicle, we think about accidentally locking our keys in the car. While this is undoubtedly the case most of the time, there are other reasons why you can be locked out as well. 

One of the most common reasons for a lockout, even in older vehicles, is a door lock malfunction. In these cases, it may be possible to get back in the car by jostling the door lock and causing it to disengage. You may even have the keys to your vehicle still and find that the lock is malfunctioning. In these cases, you will likely need professional help from one of our tow truck drivers who come equipped with reentry equipment. 

The most common scenario is when someone shuts off the vehicle and leaves the keys in the car. Once the car is disengaged, many times, the safety features that prevent lockouts no longer function. It’s important to double-check the locks on your car before exiting the vehicle. 

Make Sure You’re Completely Locked Out 

Before panicking during a lockout situation, it’s essential to check and make sure that you are locked out of your vehicle from all entry points. Many drivers fail to check the passenger and rear doors to gain entry into their car. In some cases, only the driver-side door locks and other doors remain unlocked. Making sure to do this will save you a lot of time and embarrassment if you can get back into your vehicle without needing to call out a towing service to unlock one door. 

Once you discover whether you are locked out, you can move on to the following steps, either locating a spare key if possible or calling for professional assistance. It’s important always to try and avoid breaking into your vehicle, especially by smashing the window if you can avoid it, as this can do even more damage to your car or, even worse, harm occupants left inside. 

Do Not Attempt to Break Into Your Vehicle

This is a common practice among vehicle owners, either by trying to force the lock to disengage through different means or breaking the window to get inside. This is never a good idea for several reasons. 

To begin with, trying to force a lock can actually make things worse and actually cause it to stop functioning altogether, which can make it even more challenging to get back in your vehicle. Sticking foreign objects into your door to undo the lock is also a common tactic, but doing so without the proper tools or expertise can do more harm than good as well. 

Breaking a window might get you in your vehicle, but if your key is missing, or your locks are malfunctioning, then you’ll still have a problem with your car and the broken window on top of it. Not to mention that you will have to now replace the window.

Call a Professional

In the end, once you know that you’re genuinely locked out of your vehicle, the best course of action in any of these situations we’ve mentioned is to call one of our tow truck drivers here at Delray Beach 24/7 Towing and let our lockout experts get you back in your vehicle the right way. 

Don’t hesitate if you experience a lockout. Call us right away!